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The Management Team

BeeksFX VPS was founded in 2009 by two IT enthusiasts, one business focused, one software focused.

The aim of the company is simple – to provide technical expertise and advice in the highly sophisticated area of automated trading. Automated trading strategies are a minefield. We know that, we’ve been there – building, back testing, slippage, rebuilding, re-testing and so on. Strategies aside, we quickly realised that we needed a rock solid platform to underpin any automated solutions, and built our own VPS solution to do just that. This has quickly grown into a robust platform.

BeeksFX VPS are automated traders. We understand what you need, as a fellow automated trader, to make your robots gel to deliver a stable platform on which to trade quickly and reliably. We don’t host websites, we only do VPS for traders like us – people who build, run and manage automated trading systems across multiple platforms such as NinjaTrader, E-Signal, MT4 and Tradestation. Our service is located in two geographically separate Data Centres (London and New York), specifically picked for low latency and access to the world’s liquidity providers. Anyone who works at Beeks FX must be passionate about automated trading, and the founders have highly technical focused backgrounds within IBM and some of the world’s largest system integrators.

Gordon McArthur
CEOGordon McArthurは2011年にBeeksFXを創業し、従来の低速接続のトレード環境を改善し、高速なVPS環境を整え、急激に会社を成長させました。
Simon Goulding
Tony Doleman
Technical DirectorTonyは、25年間IT業界でインフラ設計から大型開発まで様々な経験を持つ業界のベテランです。